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Organize Your Work Easily.


All your team will be using the same platform and will see all their activities and each other’s activities, this will make organizing easier.


You will know how many goods are sold, how many are prepared to be sold, how much you have in stock, in which part you need to be supplied, etc.

Batch Changes

You will be informed of any changes that will occur within your group. You’ll also have a convenient way to make any necessary changes at your hands.


Each product has its place and by using this platform you will easily find where your products are located. This will help you in organizing your warehouse easier.


You will monitor your supply chain better. You will know the best sales flow and the relationship of the sellers with the companies.


Each employee can communicate with the other through this online platform.

SKU Import

Every product in your warehouse will have a code which is scannable and can be printed. You can see all the codes online.


All orders can be placed online and you will see how many orders you have at the moment and how many you need to send today or in the days ahead.


Get basic information about users who purchase your products, the frequency of purchases, and other demographic data about every customer.


Get reports about your sales, progress and any other metric that is important for your business as a key success factor which can contribute to your growth.

Return Request

Return is a process that starts with customers wishing to return a product and ends with the business collecting, organizing, and restocking that product.


Production inventory management is the process of tracking the inventory of products and goods in multiple stages of production.